Playa Miraflores, Lima Peru
Hawaii Bodysurfing Tournaments
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David Christopher Lane
This is the place where I was born and raised, where I learned bodysurfing and had the best time of my life.  Miraflores is a city built  in front of the Pacific ocean, and the cradle of surfing in Peru. Surf  champions like Felipe Pomar and Sergio "el Gordo" Barreda enjoyed the great waves and beauty of these beaches.

In the 60'S the surfing boards were huge and heavy, and did not have the leash until the early 70'S. One of our favorite entertainments was to wait at the shore and hope for a surfer to fall and lose his board, so we could grab it before the waves could crash it against the rocks, then we had some time to play with it, standing on it and pretending to be surfers until the real surfer would come to the shore to get his board back.
We noticed that some surfers would come to the shore not only by swimming, but by bodysurfing a wave, by observing them we soon learned how to do it ourselves, some surfers gave us some very helpful tips, some of them said they learned it in Hawaii, and we called it "Correr a pecho"- ( Chest Surfing ) known in English as bodysurfing.

I've been bodysurfing for more than 30 years and never wanted to have a board again. I can surf  1 or 8 feet waves and the joy is the same as it was the first time when I bodysurfed my first small wave. This is one of the best things I ever learned, when bodysurfing you don't need a board, you just have your body, your own power, you have full contact with the wave, you become engaged with nature itself,  it's like making love to the most beautiful and over-excited lady.

Participating in the World Bodysurfing Championship in Oceanside, CA  is an experience like no other. Competing with great bodysurfers from Australia, Brazil, France, Hawaii, California and other places is a privilege. Every year we meet to compete and share our skills and experience, but most importantly, all the fun we have during these days in one of the best places in California.
(Correr a pecho)
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