A man, jailed and enchanted,
a man condemned to be the snake
who keeps an infamous gold,
a man condemned to be Shylock,
a man, who bows down on earth,
and knows he was in Paradise,
a man, old and blind who is to break
the columns of the temple,
a face condemned to be a mask,
a man, who in spite of men, is Spinoza
and the Baal Shem and the Kabbalists,
a man who is the Book,
a man who praises from the abyss
the justice of the firmament,
an attorney or a dentist
who dialogued with God in a mountain,
a man condemned to be a mockery,
the abomination, the Jew,
a man, stoned, inflamed and
suffocated in lethal chambers,
a man who is obstinate in being immortal,
and now has returned to his battle,
to the violent light of victory,
beautiful like a lion at midday.
Jorge Luis Borges. 1967
     translated by Cefaro
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