Cesar Fano
Miraflores is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for its beautiful women and charming people, amazing views, captivating alamedas and streets, colorful parks,  fascinating sunsets every afternoon, astonishing fog in winter, energetic beaches, and for its modern and progressive style of living where you can find the finest restaurants, theaters, museums, art galleries,  outdoors concerts, archaeological ruins, sport fields, night clubs, pubs, casinos, peñas criollas, shopping centers, and everything else you may  imagine to find in a fantastic place like Miraflores, a Heroic City built at the edge of the cliffs.

This is a place different from all others, a city that never sleeps, you can dance all night, eat the finest food in the world, try your good fortune in a casino, walk on ancient ruins, surf our great waves, fly paragliding the skies, or just walk around and enjoy the scenery, the only city in the world that has a monument dedicated to lovers, nature demanded to the city, and the city granted to it, by all means Miraflores is a place to see.

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Miraflores te espera...
The Lover's Monument
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